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About Us 

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Life With Baby was founded by Amy & Erin
(doula/mental health coach & therapist)
with more than 30+ years combined
perinatal mental health experience after
developing postpartum depression and anxiety

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Meet Amy & Erin

Between the 2 of us we have...

30+ years of professional mental health experience

4 babies in our arms, 1 in our hearts

Years of experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety

Daily struggles as parents!

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"I'm continuously learning how to make space for my kids AND myself"

Our Story

Life With Baby is our passion, our way to support parents, and hopefully make a difference in this world.


We met while serving on the Board of Directors for The Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas (PPHA) and quickly became connected through our shared first-hand struggles with postpartum anxiety, depression and PTSD, and our desire to support parents in having a healthy and thriving postpartum experience. We knew there had to be a better way to transition into parenthood. The idea of this mental health plan originated on a post in note when we were both pregnant with our second child. This detailed plan was our lifeline to not have the same traumatic experience after having our fist children.

We combined our personal experience with our professional mental health focus, and put pen to paper to build out this mental health plan as a tool that could be used by others. We developed a collaborative care model to support parents together as a postpartum doula/mental health coach and therapist, in addition to other providers including OBGYNs, midwives, psychiatrists, therapists, doulas, lactation consultants and other perinatal health professionals. 


Every aspect of Life With Baby from the workbook content, design, editing, and everything in between was created with love by professionals that are parents themselves to help support your journey. Thank you to everyone that made this dream a reality. 

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"As parents we  ALL need each other , we are not meant to do this alone!"

Amy Tucker
Postpartum Doula
Mental Health Coach

Amy is a certified postpartum doula & perinatal mental health coach that supports parents through fertility, pregnancy, loss, and postpartum challenges. After working in high tech industries for 12 years, it was the experience of having two children and overcoming severe postpartum depression and anxiety that ignited her passion for helping families thrive. She provides evidence-based support directly to parents, and specializes in perinatal mood disorders.

    Erin Fassnacht

      Erin is a licensed clinical social worker with years of experience helping clients with mental health issues. She experienced her own struggles with anxiety after the birth of her two children, and became invested in helping other moms to understand their experiences. She owns a private therapy practice providing Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), and specializes in treating women with perinatal mood disorders and their families.

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