The Life With Baby Workbook

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No matter how you enter parenthood, whether through giving birth, adopting, or blending families, it is a transition. And with all transitions there are ups and downs and adjustments.

The best way to navigate changes
during the postpartum time is to
create a plan

The Life With Baby Workbook provides parents with information, practical tips and a planning template for self care, support and emotional wellness during the postpartum period. This workbook focuses on:

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  • Everyday basics that are often overlooked during the postpartum period including self care, building a support network, sleep and nutrition.

  • A Partner Plan template to support emotional wellness for the mother's partner/support person.

  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) including what they are, symptoms, who is at risk, action steps and how to find help.

  • Practical tools that help parents thrive during sleep deprived days and nights including tips for managing emotions, breathing exercises, journal prompts and affirmations.