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Life With Baby is a Postpartum Emotional Wellness Plan and Educational Workbook
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For All Parents 
Postpartum Plan Life With Baby Workbook
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No matter how you enter parenthood, whether through giving birth, adoption, surrogacy or blending families, it is an emotional and logistical transition. And with all transitions there are ups and downs and adjustments.

The Life With Baby Workbook provides information and concrete tools to create a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period, and build a strong foundation to take care of yourself through all of parenthood. 

The best way to navigate changes
during the postpartum time is to
create a plan

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  • Everyday basics that are often overlooked during the postpartum period including self care, building a support network, sleep and nutrition.

  • A separate emotional wellness planning template for the birthing person's partner/support person.

  • Education on Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders, also known as PMADs (anxiety, depression, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder) including what they are, symptoms for each, who is at risk, actionable steps to find help.

  • Practical tools that help parents thrive during sleep deprived days and nights including tips for managing emotions, breathing exercises, journal prompts and affirmations.

The Life With Baby Workbook provides parents with information, practical tips and a planning template for self care, support and emotional wellness during the postpartum period. This workbook focuses on:

Why is a Postpartum Emotional Wellness Plan Important?


Postpartum depression is the #1 complication from childbirth. It is treatable, and parents do not have to suffer


Some parents have never experienced significant changes in mood and may feel blindsided should symptoms appear during the postpartum period.


Talking openly about the reality of postpartum emotions helps fight the stigma associated with mental health. This is critical for saving and improving lives.


Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life transitions.  It affects the entire family, and support for both the birthing person and support person is essential.


“Having this postpartum plan was a game changer when we had our second baby. I felt like I had some control over preparing for my emotions, and tools I could use during those long sleep deprived days and nights." 

—  Second time mom

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Providing support to all races, gender identities, ethnicities and socioeconomic status levels

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